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2012 winter men's favorite padded fashion (Figure)

Author:admin Published:2013-01-14
Winter to men how little it had to coat it? In the office, cotton almost all taken off into the next, but when they go out, cotton is still the best weapon you warm. Fashion style to pick cotton, so whether it is at work, or on the streets are a beautiful landscape.

Youth leisure the tide ride hooded coat, the the most IN knitted wool stitching, Slim dimensional cut version of the type, comfort and warmth, the Street essential.

Concise fashion buckle collar design with high-end zipper, it shows that the man's not horse, eye-catching design matte material epaulets, hem stitching design, but also beautify the body.

This section thick cotton jacket with a cotton duvet cotton fabric, fabric after washing sanding process handling, treatment significantly peach skin feel like plush, soft and comfortable, can not ball. Inside plush high quality cotton fiber cashmere whole layer of tightly woven. Delicate and thick plush, soft, harmless to the body. Easy to fall off hair loss. The extra-thick ultra warmth of a jacket, not to be missed.



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