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Pig Banner: children's clothing magnate

Author:admin Published:2013-01-14

Pig Banner Garments Co., Ltd. continued to extend the brand with the R & D design, has grown to become a well-known brand of children's clothing sales ranked third. Xinhua News Agency issued

The combination of self-chain franchise business model, piglets Banner Garments Co., Ltd. has developed more than 1,200 stores, the company's products are mainly sold to major cities across the country, accounting for about 99.9%. Today, pig Banner has become the benchmark for corporate and flagship enterprises on behalf of the national garment industry, and has been widely recognized and trust of the government and the community.

Focus on innovation to accelerate the transformation

The pig Banner innovation is mainly reflected in the production and marketing. The whole process from product design, process, control of raw materials, production and processing, clothing production through innovative technology concept and experience brought about by the high-tech efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection. Traditional industrial products, new processes, new technologies, new materials. Design and development of products according to international clothing standards, using the most advanced garment CAD system in the 21st century industrial pattern making, grading, row materials and high-speed plotter output system, and improve accuracy. Break the traditional manual operation, and improve work efficiency. The company has therefore been unconventional leap forward.

Mature garment enterprises have their own R & D team, pig Banner has experienced first-class design team and advanced design concepts, design and R & D center was set up in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and trends of the world-renowned publishing and design agency in France Carlin companies joined together to create a fashion classic.

The national textile and garment industry, dragged down by the financial crisis, the environment, through careful planning and terminal market research, pig Banner, 2009 grand launch of the new marketing model of a city agency + flagship mode ", a move aimed at further enhance the market competitiveness of the pig Banner deepen pig Banner's image in the minds of consumers. The same time, the company meticulously organized planning five "innocence with the win," pig Banner the national tour of the branding, traveling throughout the Eastern, Central, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and other places, and made a good brand promotion and market investment effect. The past two years, the piglets Banner through this new marketing model actively and effectively promoted to enhance the quality of the terminal to form a center role models to the surrounding radiation.

The creation of the brand to consolidate the upgrading and restructuring

Pig Banner has been the industry praise is its brand marketing. Integrated marketing communication strategy, brand meaning through the depth of the excavation, in combination with other fashion hot topic in the development of journalism and communication, public relations activities, advertising, promotion, and a series of step-by-step, to work closely with the unique concept of the core brand value through a variety of media to the consumer , mental interactive and resonate with consumers.

Pig Banner sponsor of the country's most influential children's model competition "Southern children's Pretty Baby Contest" to further enhance the brand awareness; "Pig Man" co-operation of the enormous amount of money with the well-known animated cartoon pig Banner brand across the country to a new height. Development since the pig Banner has won the "Guangdong Province", "Guangdong Famous Brand", "China's top ten children's clothing brand", "China Famous Brand" and "China Famous Trademark" and other honorary titles.

Continue to "smile curve" both ends - brands and R & D design extends from the processing plant, pig Banner started, has grown to become a well-known brand of children's clothing sales ranked third in the nation, won the "China Famous Brand", "China Famous Trademark "and other honors, children's clothing in China," Chinese famous brand "zero breakthrough, laid the status of Chinese children's wear spokesperson.




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