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Guangdong Dongguan released three GB Kids Alliance standard

Author:admin Published:2013-01-14
The Dongguan student service record for the successful production of foreign enterprises, have occurred when the children's clothing exports were recalled, the crux of the problem is the lack of industry standards in the local children's clothing ... in the textile and apparel industry in Dongguan City Association of Chief Adviser Pan Rihui seems. Yesterday, Dongguan quality and technical supervision standards and encoding and Dongguan City, the textile and garment industry association held in the year 2012, Dongguan City, the children's clothing industry alliance standard news conference, the first release of the three children's clothing industry in Dongguan Union standards, including woven student services, textiles, children's pajamas combustion performance specifications, technical specifications "of children's clothing safety, children's clothing industry chain production, research and development will be regulated with reference to the EU standards.
Reference to the EU or abroad marked
Union standards of the three children from the drafting of the standard code of Dongguan City, the Textile & Garment Industry Association, pig Banner Clothing, Tim Xiang Clothing hundred Neville Industrial. , Children's clothing safety technical specifications from the children's clothing of the internal and external packaging emphasizes security. Textiles, children's pajamas combustion performance specifications ", baby pajamas, for infant wearing pajamas, uniform standards for children wearing pajamas pajamas flame resistance requirements. "Woven student uniform standard provides for a weaving student uniform requirements, test methods, inspection of the technical features of the classification rules, as well as the logo, packaging, transport and storage.
Dongguan City, the textile and garment industry Association Yaowei Lin said, the member companies of the Alliance Alliance standards for production and R & D will be filed in the Dongguan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau. "Only to develop the children's clothing industry alliance standard student uniform woven standard uniform high-class product, first-class products, qualified products Pilling ball indicators require more stringent than the national industry standard.
The reporter found that children's clothing safety technical specifications put forward specific requirements on the packaging, including packaging and styling products, plastic film (bags) safety warning, the relevant provisions of the packaging materials. The "standard" requirement should be marked in the plastic film (bags) such as "timely bags collect the to avoid children play cause suffocation" message.
This garment enterprises, Pan Rihui remind the scene, the garment enterprises attach great importance to the packaging, but often ignore the warning information to be marked on the film packaging, had exports to the EU therefore recall, eat Yaba Kui. Union standards equivalent EU requirements, and strictly regulate the production and R & D enterprise. "
The children's clothing industry standard "injury can not afford."
The emergence of children's clothing Union standards, can be said to come at the right time. Media information that is publicly available, expected by 2015, children's wear market in China will be as high as 200 billion yuan over the next 20 years, the entire industry is in a good period of development.
The textile and apparel industry in Dongguan City Association disclosed phenomenon Dongguan children's clothing industry, there is still flooded with low-priced products, some companies forced by cost pressures, select nonconforming materials in the production process is not sufficiently standardized environmental circumstances, often small accessories off children eating asphyxia caused by products broken needle stabbed the phenomenon of children, child packing material injury.
In addition, Dongguan City, the textile and garment industry association said, Dongguan City, primary and secondary school students during the school wearing a student uniform basic woven student uniforms are widely used, including primary and secondary summer uniforms, winter uniforms varieties have tops, shirts, pants, skirts and so on. For students or parents, the most confusing pilling phenomenon is universal school uniforms.
A the apparel industry source said on condition of anonymity, the lack of children's clothing, local standards, has led to confusion in the industry, so that the number of garment enterprises not afford to hurt. Out of the Union standards, will be able to play a role, but not enforced, be the effectiveness. The point of view of the above-mentioned persons Yaowei Lin held the same attitude he thinks the future Association must launch more companies to join the alliance to expand the range of use of the Alliance standards, to ensure the standards of the Alliance really play a role in promoting industrial development.


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